Buying the Best: Seafood in Montana?

Do it yourself! Couldn’t be fresher…

When you live in “dryland” country like Montana, how are you supposed to get good quality seafood? After all, we grow livestock here, we don’t fish for salmon. We give a tip of the hat to all the great trout fishermen here!

The members of the Lewis and Clark expedition lived on catfish and trout as they followed the Missouri to its headwaters. When they crossed the Continental Divide, the Corps of Discovery found that as much as they liked trout, salmon were bigger, fatter, and just as tasty.

Here’s how to buy the best seafood when you live in Montana. Or you can just reach out to GoodFood World@Home and we’ll make sure you get salmon and tuna from small boat fishermen we know and trust.

1. Know your fisher(wo)man – personally, by name. Even better if you’ve been on or near their fishing vessel (or know someone who has).

2. Know your fish – and buy it in as large a piece as possible, whole or nearly whole is better.

3. Learn the Latin (species) name, and ask what the “common name” means. Trust me on this, you’ll draw a lot of blank stares…

Chinook salmon (King): Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Chum salmon (Keta): Oncorhynchus keta
Coho salmon (Silver): Oncorhynchus kisutch
Pink salmon: Oncorhynchus gorbuscha
Sockeye salmonOncorhynchus nerka

4. Buy fresh (or under special conditions, frozen at sea) and buy from fishermen you know.


5. Know your fish monger – again, personally, by name if possible.

6. Catch it yourself… and have a little fun!

True, it’s tough to follow all these recommendations all the time. If you must buy frozen or cut fish, read the country of origin and method of catch/production on the package or label. If words like, “farmed, Indonesia” – or similar text – appear anywhere on the label, avoid it.

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