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What’s a guy to do?

What’s a guy to do when life slaps him in the face? When a roll of the boat knocks him to the deck? When a rogue wave drenches him in water?

He gets up, dries himself off, and figures out a way.

Pete Knutson has always been the kind of guy to find a way around the hurdles and challenges life tosses at him.

Small food-based businesses like Loki Fish Company have a special role in the way we eat – they bring diversity, innovation, sustainability, and vitality to local and regional food systems. Big commercial fishing operations driven by “economies of scale” compromise quality in exchange for cost, degrading the value of the food they deliver.

Loki has overcome the odds; through skill, intuition, and luck, Pete started and built a successful small business by avoiding “killer” challenges every day. Read the whole story here.

There is something wrong – really wrong.

Big Food, Big Ag, Big Org(anic), and Big Business have all convinced us that the “American Food System” is a wonderful thing to be maintained at all costs.

Maintained on the backs of farmworkers and meat processing workers, our food system delivers cheap strawberries from California, Mexico, and Chile year ‘round, and chicken nuggets and hamburgers by the barrelfull.

The splendor of the food – abundant, cheap food – on our tables day after day requires the labor of thousands of “invisible” workers – mostly immigrants, refugees, and other people of color who are vulnerable to abuse. Read the rest of the article here.